Thank you! Yes and no - I do understand that I can only use one or the other - the problem I'm having is that I was going to set up my business email using G Suite because that's what was used in a course I'm taking. However, when I tried to set mine up, it shows that I use GoDaddy to host my domain, but I don't  and it won't allow me to set up the email. I called tech support, and as I suspected, it only says I use GoDaddy because the 3rd party I use actually uses GoDaddy. Theysaid they could not help me set up with GSuite, and didn't explain why (she said it's very complicated), but they would be happy to sell me their service. I almost wonder if she couldn't because she was not only tech support, but making a commission, which seems like a conflict of interest to me, but anyway.....then I noticed that my 365 account has an option as part of my service that allows me to set up an email if I've got my own domain - only catch is they can only work with domains hosted by GoDaddy. So at this point I'm thinking anything I do is going to be a smoother setup if I go with the most widely used services, and everyone seems to be set up to integrate with GoDaddy, so it might be wise to conform now, rather than deal with more headache later. I called the company that I set it up with and they also said they can help me get set up if I use their email service, but if I should have email hosted somewhere other than where my domain is hosted, then I will rule that option out. I just don't want more problems because I went with a host other than GoDaddy, so if there are other services I need and they also say I'm with GoDaddy when I'm not, I'd rather prevent them.