Hello everyone. To clarify, this thread was initially about forwarding domains using our domain forwarding service and using the HTTPS protocol. Our domain forwarding service does not support HTTPS requests at this time. If you use the forwarding service, it updates the IP address that the domain points to, so even if you had/have the domain hosted using an SSL certificate with HTTPS, the forwarding service will not recognize the certificate as it is not installed on the server that the forwarding service uses. If you need to redirect https://domain1.com to any other URL, you would need to host that domain on a server that has an SSL Certificate installed on it for domain1.com and then use a redirect on the server as @GaryA mentioned. If you already have that setup in place but it's not working, I'd suggest posting more information about your situation as a new topic on a board dedicated to the type of hosting that you have. The free domain forwarding service only works for HTTP requests at this time. Hope that helps. 


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