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Hello, I just purchased a godaddy domain and can not get it to verify etc to my website. Below is my website address

The directions do not match my options

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Are you trying to forward your domain to Google or Point it to the site - I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say it won't verify - can you please provide some more details / screen capture

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I was but I decided it was too complicated, I canceled the domain and hope
to get a refund. Thanks!

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@savvyjackRefunds are not automatic, you'll need to contact support directly to process it.


If you do plan to ever use the domain you are better off recovering it back into your account as there is about a month and a half hold with a chance that someone else would snag the domain.  I understand it can seem confusing if you don't know all the right words, but we can walk you thru the steps.

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Here are the steps.


You should just need to select GoDaddy from the list and then login to the corresponding account.  You could do the TXT method instead.


Host: @

Value: google-site-verification=code-from-google