Bug in Updated view

Found a bug in Updated View that prevents mail messages from being sent or saved. The same problem doesn't exist in Classic View.


Replying to an email from a Hotmail user that has an emoji in it, the HTML code for the emoji is


going down that road?
<span id=3D"gmail-m_5490615413100068551=F0=9F=98=89" title=3D":wink:">=F0=
=9F=98=89</span> I was hoping to 

which shows up in the message as  �de09  


With that emoji quoted in the reply, when you hit either Send message or Save Draft, it says Sending or Saving but nothing gets sent or saved. 


If you switch to Classic View, the message with the emoji can be quoted and sent with no trouble. 


However, I'm still seeing the problem in Classic View of getting constant Open File dialog boxes.