Can't login to new WordPress site

just setup a managed WordPress site.  When I go to the /wp-admin subdirectory, it just says site no longer parked by GoDaddy.  No login screen?

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I assume you're just going to and that's where you're getting the message.


Are you able to log into the site through the GoDaddy back-end, under Products?


Is the new Managed WP site assigned to your domain, or is it still on the temp domain that GD provides until you assign one?



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Thanks, it was just a timing issue. 

i can't go into wordpress through the godaddy...


I recently purchased a wordpress hosting, and i tried linking my wordpress website to it. But it says username or password invalid. Also i changed my wordpress url. 

Can anyone help. and if it's not happening because i changed my address, how long will it take. 


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How to PW reset WP admin / or change wp admin email:

Googled :
If your having a hard time reading the steps. read mine below.

I will assume your using cPanel
1. Go to > Click on "Manage"
2. Click on "phpMyAdmin"
3. look for your database name. If you don't know what is your DB name look for a file called wp-config via file manager if you view it you'll find it there.

4. click the db name.> look for "WP_Users" click it.
Make sure to click on "Browse" on Top
From that page you should see the email user and password.

5. You may change the pw directly with no rules , just make sure it is formatted as MD5

PS: this will be perfect if you cant manage to do a reset from  /wp-admin

Hi there - thanks for your help.  I followed your instructions to change the password but it has made no difference - I seem to have installed wordpress correctly but when I try to log in to wordpress from the cpanel/installatron page, I still get the message http://mydomainname/wp-content/deleteme.54948417e7664316935b5c09579c0d6c.php   ie with a deleteme tag

Can anyone help?  Many thanks!