Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel failed to set up

Hello my dears. 10 hours ago, I buy Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel for 1 year.

In My Products - Web Hosting, on this account appear SET UP

Annotation 2019-05-15 061420.png

After I click on SET Up, it appear Infinite loope... And it loading, hours and hoursAnnotation 2019-05-15 061650.pngIn my account - web hosting is stuck at 40% from 9 hours.


Annotation 2019-05-15 061832.png


Where is the problem, my dears?

I install dozens of sites in this type of hosting, but this problem is new for me.

And usually, godaddy chat is offline!

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Hello and thank you for reaching out to the community.

You might try clearing your web browser cache. And repeat your steps to see if it still shows 'installing'. If so, I would call the GD support and they should be able to help you out.

Let us know how it goes!

Very Respectfully,

Drew Davis
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