Re: GoDaddy Site Backup shortcomings

I totally agree with alsalammasjid.  Somewhere around mid-January 2018, suddenly my "unlimited backups" were capped at 10G. I have three small Wordpress sites that I'm backing up. No clue what is happening or why other than I have to go in MYSELF and manually delete backups for more space because the GoDaddy system has run out of storage space for my "unlimited storage" account. Yes, we are all paying extra $ monthly for "Site Backup" but at this rate, it's totally not worth it for me. Calling or chatting online with GoDaddy support staff AVERAGES 90 minutes (after waiting at least 30 minutes for a rep) while they spend 80 minutes trying to sell me more "capabilities" and 10 minutes actually sort of helping to resolve my problem. AND then you don't get a chat transcript -- although GoDaddy keeps one so they can push back whenever you say what happened on the last online chat. Site Backup was sold to me as "unlimited space for backups." And the only thing I can do online is to "upgrade" to 20G "unlimited space" so GoDaddy can collect more money from me.  I deleted two weeks of backups and some had reappeared when I checked again today. And yes, there should be a checkoff, not deleting ONE AT A TIME. Ridiculous user interface. Online chat rep confirmed I had "unlimited storage space for backups" and "usually this doesn't happen" so I should check with the hosting team to find out what is going on. Another 2 hours on chat while they spend 95% of it trying to sell me other stuff?  No thanks.


This company also provides no option to change the backup frequency. I don't need 30 days of backups. Overall, I need ONE full backup, not a bunch of "small interval backups." Also I just really need 7 days of backups total, not 30 days. Overall this company does bait-and-switch with "unlimited anything" being a flat out lie. I don't have a ton of time to fool with GoDaddy hosting/help for two hobby sites and my one business site has very few changes per month. So what I'm saying is I agree totally with you. I haven't bothered contacting GoDaddy for this latest backup storage space issue because I'm spending my free time looking for another hosting provider. 



Having been a CIO for a large organization, I would have flat out fired my hosting provider if they played such games. I have never seen an organization that is so set on selling more rather than addressing and fixing a current client's problem(s).