@fantasticmv wrote:

Thank you for raising this issue. We evaluate updating information in the DNS on an ongoing basis. CAA is certainly something that we have been looking at. Adding to the DNS and retroactively updating millions of records is a complex operation. We evaluate each change based on market needs and technical challenges. Please stay tuned for specific updates. 


Manish Vaidya, 

Sr Product Manager,


Any update here?  Seems like it's been 3 months since an employee responded.  This is the top result when I tried to find information so I wanted to jump in and say "Hey, don't forget about this!"


Essentially, you guys are dramatically falling behind if you don't support it. It's worth switching to another company, for me, if you guys do not get it in by the end of the year.  Please let us know, either way, so we can start shopping around if necessary!