Hello @SumBuddyNutty, I don't think anyone is saying that the Bradley doesn't work? The issue here isn't the result but the process. I should hope that Generals are aware of what they are doing. Customers undoubtedly know what they want in their business but as the subject matter expert so do you in your area.


Just so you know I am of the impression that a customer cannot always get what they want. In my projects I feel like I am the one who determines what can and cannot be done, my role is that of the subject matter expert. Further I know that what can be done should not always be done. Just because it works in the end doesn't mean that the project process didn't go sideways.


Lastly, @SumBuddyNutty it sounds like you have some seat time in the M2/M3? The important thing to note here is no one is suggesting that the result of any process is flawed. I think the real thing of note is that the making sausage is sometimes a difficult process to watch and one that needs to be monitored carefully to insure a quality result.

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