addon domain not being web served by nominated document root

So I have the following addon domain

there is no redirect on this domain


it's supposed to be getting served up from the following document root on my cPanel hosting account


This folder is not empty, it has a wordpress instance in there. There is a very basic .htaccess file in there with no redirects.


But when I browse to it, I get the default "Future home of something quite cool" cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi response.


I haven't modified the DNS zone. It looks like this

Type 	Name 	Value 	TTL 	Actions
a 	@ 	10800 seconds 	Edit
a 	admin 	10800 seconds 	Edit
a 	mail 	10800 seconds 	Edit
cname 	cpanel 	@ 	10800 seconds 	Edit
cname 	webdisk 	@ 	10800 seconds 	Edit
cname 	webdisk.admin 	@ 	10800 seconds 	Edit
cname 	whm 	@ 	10800 seconds 	Edit
cname 	www 	@ 	10800 seconds 	Edit
cname 	www.admin 	@ 	10800 seconds 	Edit
cname 	_domainconnect 	1 Hour 	Edit
ns 	@ 	1 Hour 	
ns 	@ 	1 Hour 	
soa 	@ 	Primary nameserver: 	1 Hour

The A record is pointing to the same IP address that is on my MANAGE page for this domain.
I checked the file permissions. All directories are 755 and files are 644

Can anyone please tell me why the webserver is not responding with what's in my document root.

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Hi @tezza1. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'd suggest removing the domain and then adding it as an addon again. Sometimes when a domain gets added, it's not properly assigned to the hosting account on the backend and that can lead to problems. If doing that doesn't help, then I'd suggest getting in touch with our hosting support team so they can make sure there are no permissions issues with the account. 


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Excellent suggestion. However, I already did that just before posting. The DNS entries listed in mu OP were a result of me deleting and re-adding the domain name.


I ended up ringing tech support and they were very helpful. We determined that the redirect was occurring due to entries in the wordpress mysql database and it's "functionality" of forcing a redirect based on absolute URLs.


So for now, this issue is solved. I might just delete this thread.


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