I should follow up on what my issue was: I did not encounter an insert error due to my user permissions. If I recall correctly what my issue was, I was hashing a password and I encountered an insert error by trying to insert this hashed password into a field whose max string size was set to the max length I would accept in the password field of my form -- yes, a very silly mistake since a hash function pops out a hash of fixed size every time. So check the restraints set out by your table and make sure your query is correct such that you are inserting the correct data into the correct column with the correct size of data. 


I have only been rejected from certain queries within phpMyAdmin due to permissions:


"create database <dbname>" -- creating a database must be done inside cPanel.


Any queries granting or revoking privileges, or creating users: We are within a shared server and we are not the root user of this database. We are also not administrators since we don't have grant permissions or have access to the mysql database. (If anyone is looking for what their permissions are, go to the information_schema.USER_PRIVILEGES within phpMyAdmin.)


Also trying to add users to our /home/ via ssh is restricted.