About the Website Builder version 6 upgrade to Website Builder

Website Builder version 6 is moving to Website Builder! Your website is your home online, and we know that change can be difficult. That’s why we’ve prepared answers to your frequently asked questions, as well as a transition tool to import your content and more. There’s lots to look forward to!

Website Builder is intuitive and easy to use. Not only does your site look great on mobile, but you can use the GoDaddy app to make updates to your website on the go using your phone or your tablet.

In addition to building your website, you can manage social media accounts, business listings, and online appointments all from one central location.

During this transition, our award-winning Guides are here to help with any questions and to make sure your site keeps running smoothly. Plus, we have How-To videos, Help articles, and a whole community.

Looking for inspiration? Read our blog, The Garage, listen to our podcasts Made Here or School of Hustle, and visit our YouTube channel including The Journey and Made in America.

Here are answers to some common questions:

Why is Website Builder version 6 moving to Website Builder?

One of the most important reasons is that Adobe announced in 2017 that their Flash player will no longer work after December 31, 2020. Since Website Builder version 6 uses Flash components, you’ll be unable to edit your website or perform other essential tasks.

Website Builder has the latest features and security updates with new features being added all the time. People tell us they really appreciate being able to manage all of their social media, emails, listings, appointments and products from one central dashboard. Download the GoDaddy app for both Android and iOS phones and tablets to update your website from anywhere.

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Is there a deadline?

Adobe ended their support of Flash on December 31, 2020. Since that date, you won’t be able to perform certain functions in Website Builder version 6 that rely on Flash, and your site visitors may have a broken experience.

All Website Builder version 6 websites must be published in Website Builder no later than March 31, 2021. After that, we will auto-update your site for you to keep your site live. All future updates on your site will happen in Website Builder.

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Will I get charged more?

No. Your pricing remains the same for the length of your current renewal term. At any time, you can change plans and pricing if you find you need more or fewer features.

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What if I have paid SSL or SEV as part of my plan?

Long-term customers may have SSL certificates or Search Engine Visibility (SEV) plans. Once you publish your site on Website Builder, we will cancel those plans, if you have them, and replace them with in-store credit.

There’s no need to pay twice for extra features that are now standard in your Website Builder site. Even a free site includes SSL, and all paid plans let you improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) using our SEO tool.

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Why can't I edit my site?

After support for Flash ended on December 31, 2020, Website Builder version 6 Flash components stopped working. We automatically migrated your site for you into Website Builder.

We kept the way your site looks for your customers the same while you make finishing personal touches in Website Builder, then publish.

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How do I move my site content into the new site?

The Flash components that powered Website Builder version 6 stopped working on December 31, 2020.

Your content is migrated into Website Builder as a draft. We’ve done our best to make your site look good in the new design. While our tool is pretty smart, it’s not as smart as a human is. You’ll want to go into your site and make finishing personal touches, then publish your new site.

If any of your pages require forwarding, we’ll take care of that. We’re also designing the migration so there’s no interruption to being found on search engines. We recognize that SEO is a continuous effort, so we provide guidance to getting found online.

If you have questions or need help during the transition, we have live webinars, recorded demos, and an article with the instructions on how to transition from Website Builder version 6 to Website Builder.

Available 24/7 are the Get Online series of articles to help you set up and publish your website, How-To video courses and the Website Builder Community discussion area. Our GoDaddy Guides are also just a chat or phone call away.

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Do my pictures and files move too?

Files attached to your Website Builder V6 site will not migrate. You will need to download your files and then add downloadable files or PDFs to your new Website Builder site.

Pictures that are part of your Website Builder V6 site will migrate to your new Website Builder site. However, you may have inserted images from a standalone photo album. Here’s how to tell the difference and download pictures from a standalone photo album.

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How do I add specialized sections?

Website Builder has lots of specialized sections such as PDF viewers, price lists or menu sections for restaurants, real estate listings, code sections, Soundcloud audio tracks, etc.

Use the Contact Us section to show your address and location, hours, email, phone number and WhatsApp information. Customers can even submit a form, including attachments. When a customer completes the form, we scan it for viruses and malware and then it arrives to an email you designate.

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Where is my old site? What happens to it?

Your website is still in My Account in your list of sites under Website Builder.

Note: Your site will be called Website Builder followed by your plan name (e.g., Website Builder Standard). Previously, your site contained Website Builder in your plan name title (e.g., Business Plus Website Builder). However, your site URL remains the same.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Scroll to Website Builder and select Manage next to the website you want to change. You may have to expand the Website Builder section. Your site may also be shown as one of the tiles at the top of your product page.

Visitors to your site and your domain will continue to see your Website Builder version 6 design until you publish your new site. Publishing your new site makes it visible to people visiting your URL and removes your old site.

While you are working on moving your content, you can see both sites (your customers still see your old site). From the Website Builder version of your site, use the Website Builder menu and select Website Builder V6 to open your old site in a new tab. Now you have each version of your site open in their own tabs.
Screenshot where to find the link to open your old Website Builder version 6

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We'll take care of updating the connections between sites and domains using the same login. But if you have a domain name using another company or your domain name is with GoDaddy but using a different login, you'll need to manually update the DNS records.

  1. Log into your new Website Builder site and open the website builder
  2. Publish your site. A pop-up screen will give you the customized settings for your site, as well as instructions how to update your DNS records.
  3. Log in to your domain name provider where your domain name is registered, and modify your DNS records. This is also the same process if you use one account for your Website Builder site and a different account for your domain name.
  4. Follow the prompts on your screen to update the A and CNAME Name, Value and TTL fields. After you have made changes to your DNS, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for the changes to go through and your domain to start working.

Our GoDaddy Guides are here to help you walk through the process or answer any questions at (480) 463-8333.

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