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Access my files using an FTP client

Note: Due to issues with compressing and downloading files from Online Storage, we're encouraging the use of an FTP client instead.

Online Storage is a legacy product and is no longer available for purchase. Before we retire the product on July 2, 2022, manually download the files from your account using an FTP client. Most FTP clients work, but these steps explain how to move files from Online Storage to your computer using FileZilla.

To connect to Online Storage using an FTP client, you’ll need the following information:

  • Host (website URL):
  • FTP Username: The username for your Online Storage account.
  • FTP Password: The password for your Online Storage account.
  • Port: 21

Connect to Online Storage

  1. Download and then open the FileZilla client.
  2. In the menu bar at the top, enter as the Host.
  3. Enter your Online Storage Username and Password.
  4. For the Port number, enter 21.
  5. Select Quickconnect.
    ftp client with information entered

After connecting to your Online Storage account, you’ll see your Local site (computer) files on the left and Remote site (Online Storage) files on the right.

local site and remote site displayed in ftp client

Download your files

  1. Under Local site, select the location on your computer where you’d like to save your files.
  2. Under Remote site, select the files and folders you’d like to download, and then drag them into the Local site section.
    online storage files moved into local site section

After moving your files, you’ll have a copy of your data on your local computer.

Note: If your file(s) download and show 0 kb in size, your files are corrupted. Unfortunately, our team can’t recover corrupted files. We understand this might be disappointing, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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