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Encrypt email with Advanced Email Security

Keep your sensitive information secure with email encryption. When you send email to external recipients, Advanced Email Security hosts the message in the encryption portal where only the sender and the intended recipient can access and view it.

Microsoft 365 automatically encrypts email sent within your organization. You only need to manually encrypt your email when sending to external recipients, like a client or vendor.

Required: This article is for Advanced Email Security powered by INKY. You can verify if you have INKY by signing in and checking if there's a blue header that includes "Powered by INKY" displayed at the top of your dashboard. See how to encrypt email with Advanced Email Security from Proofpoint.
dashboard banner

Send encrypted messages

To send an encrypted message, add [encrypt] or (encrypt) at the beginning of the subject line. This works on any email client and on any device, including mobile.
[encrypt] in subject line

After sending the message, you'll receive an email confirming that the encrypted message was successfully sent. In the confirmation email, select View Encrypted Message to see the message.
success message confirming delivery

You might be prompted to sign in to the encryption portal. To sign in with your email address and password, select Sign in with Microsoft. Or, to receive a sign-in link in your email instead of providing your password, select Sign in with email.
options

Receive encrypted messages

When you're the recipient of an encrypted message, you’ll receive an email notification. To access the message, select View Encrypted Message.

You’ll see a sign-in page to access the encryption portal. To sign in with an existing email account, select Sign in with Microsoft or Sign in with Google. Or, you can select Sign in with email to receive a link in your email. This option allows you to sign in without using a password.

Note: If you receive an error after you select Sign in with Microsoft or Sign in with Google, you might be signed in to an email address that isn’t the intended recipient.

View and respond to encrypted messages

When you're signed in, you'll see a list of sent and received messages on the leftmost side. The messages are sorted by date. Select a message to decrypt it and view it.
options

To send a response, select Reply. Your response can include attachments and HTML elements. Secured messages can't be forwarded or saved locally.

Note: Responses to encrypted messages will be delivered to your inbox, even if it’s from a user outside of Microsoft 365. If the message size is greater than 20 MB, you’ll receive an email notification to sign in to INKY and view the response in your message list.

Limitations for encrypted messages

There are some limitations to keep in mind when sending and receiving encrypted messages with Advanced Email Security:

  • Encrypted outbound messages must be less than 75 MB including attachments.
  • Replies in the encryption portal must be less than 75 MB including attachments.
  • By default, encrypted messages will be retained for 30 days.

Microsoft 365 limitations also still apply.

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