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Fix Product Import Errors

Products with errors are not imported, so you need to fix errors before they're added to the Online Store. The most common errors when uploading a product spreadsheet to the Online Store are invalid values or incorrect URLs for images.

  1. View the list of errors once your product information is imported:
    • Select View Errors (or, in some cases, Download error list) in the All finished! window.
      Click View Errors in All finished! window
    • Select the Last import message in the top right of the Import Products page.
      Click the Last Import message in top right of Import Products page
    • Open the Product Import Finished email you receive from the Online Store and select go to Online Store, which will take you to an errors summary page.
      The errors summary page reached by email link
  2. Follow the prompts as needed to see the details of what caused each error, such a non-valid value or an incorrect image URL.
  3. Make a duplicate of the spreadsheet file you uploaded and open it.
  4. In the duplicate spreadsheet, find the line (row) listed as containing an error and replace the invalid information using the Format Product Information article for guidance.
  5. Since the import function will add all the products in the spreadsheet to the Online Store, remove all the lines (rows) that do not contain errors. This avoids creating duplicate products from the previous import.
  6. Re-save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.
  7. To upload the new, corrected information, see Upload Product Information.

Upload Error Examples

These are examples of some errors and error messages you might find in your spreadsheet:

  • 'xxxx' is not a valid numeric value for 'weight'
  • '3s' is not a valid currency for 'price'
  • 'yeah' is not a valid boolean value for 'Taxable'. It should be one of these values: 'true', 'yes', 'y', 'x', 'false', 'no', 'n'.
  • 'xxxx' is too long for 'option1 name'. The maximum length is 100.
  • 'xxxx' is too short for 'option1 name'. The minimum length is 1.
  • '-10' is too small for 'weight'. The minimum value is 0.
  • '1,000,000' is too large for 'price'. The maximum value is 999999.
  • 'option1 name' and 'option2 name' cannot have the same 'Color' value.
  • 'Red' appears more than once for 'option1 value'
  • 'option1 value' contains a blank value.
  • Image not found: <url>
  • Image not reachable: <url>
  • Image size exceeds 10485760 [bytes]
  • '' is not a valid URL for 'image url'
  • 'The file you are trying to upload is too big'

You cannot upload a single file larger than 5MB or containing more than 10,000 product rows. If you have more data than that, use multiple uploads.

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