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Statement of Support – Email Marketing

Please review the full Statement of Support to learn more about available support for additional products and services.


  • Purchasing or renewing Email Marketing
  • Explaining Email Marketing features and benefits
  • Setting up your Email Marketing account
  • Explaining how to use Email Marketing
  • Understanding Email Marketing statistics
  • Connecting your Email Marketing account to social media
  • Connecting your Email Marketing account to compatible GoDaddy products
  • Building you a custom banner or theme for free*

Not Supported:

  • Editing and troubleshooting subscriber list files (CSV files)
  • Cleaning, filtering, or modifying subscriber lists
  • Building email templates on a customer's behalf
  • Creating email content (copywriting, adding images, etc.)
  • Creating, editing, and troubleshooting custom HTML
  • Publishing signup form code to website
  • Creating custom statistic reports
* General GoDaddy C3 representatives are not able to build custom banners, but our GEM representatives are happy to help. Please email our GEM representatives with your request after purchasing your GEM plan.