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Use More Actions menu in Webmail

The More Actions menu is located in the upper-right portion of Workspace Webmail. You can use the More Actions menu to apply selected actions to emails. Some of these actions include email encryption, setting email flags, and creating email filters. The following is a complete list of actions you can apply to your messages:

To Use the More Actions Menu in Web-Based Email

  1. Log in to Web-Based Email.
  2. Select the message you want to apply the action to.
  3. Click More Actions, and then select the appropriate action:
    • View Message in New Window — Opens the email message in a new window.
    • Create Message Filter — Organizes incoming messages into selected folders.
    • Mark as Unread — Marks the message as unread.
    • Mark as Read — Marks the message as read.
    • Reply — Opens a composer to send a reply message to the sender.
    • Reply to All — Opens a composer to send a reply message to the sender, and any other email addresses that are carbon copied on the message.
    • Forward — Opens a composer to forward the message to another email address.
    • Fwd. as Attachment — Opens a composer to forward the message to another email address. The original message is attached as a file to the email.
    • Print — Opens a print window, to print the selected message.
    • Decrypt — Removes encryption from the message.
    • Flag — Adds a red flag to the message for quick identification.
    • Clear Flag — Removes the red flag from message.
    • This is Spam — Allows you to mark the message as spam.
    • Allow Sender — Marks the sender as an allowed sender.
    • Allow Domain — Marks the domain as an allowed domain.
    • Block Sender — Blocks a specific sender to your email address.
    • Block Domain — Blocks a specific domain to your email address.
    • View Full Header — Opens full header view.
    • Hide Full Header — Hides full header view.
    • View Source — Shows source code for entire message.
    • Purge — Purges selected messages. See Delete emails from your inbox for more information.
  4. Click Apply.

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