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What is Advanced Email Security?

Your email is stored on Microsoft's secure servers, which prevent any damage while your email is at rest. However, when you send and receive messages, they can be exposed to attackers while in transit. That's where the Advanced Email Security add-on comes in. It keeps your emails safe from ever being seen or tampered with and helps prevent some of the common mistakes that can lead to compromises.

This video is part of the How-To series for setting up email.

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Who needs Advanced Email Security?

Advanced Email Security includes useful tools for anyone sending or receiving email with sensitive information. Its included email encryption is a critical requirement for businesses in regulated industries like financial services, insurance, health care, legal, and real estate. For example, if an attorney sends a contract to their client, and the message is sent unencrypted (in plain text), it could be at risk of being intercepted or misdirected. Advanced Email Security protects email communication and helps businesses avoid a potentially serious data breach.

How does Advanced Email Security work?

Advanced Email Security protects your information by encoding email contents during transit. This means that if a message is intercepted or ends up in the wrong hands, unauthorized parties can't read it.

When you send an encrypted message to a recipient outside of your organization (like a customer), they'll receive a link to the message. They'll then be able to create an Advanced Email Security account to view and respond to the message for 14 days. Recipients in your organization (like employees) don't have to sign in to to see the encrypted message.

In addition to encryption, the Advanced Email Security add-on does the following:

  • Scans messages for potential threats.
  • Guards against data loss.
  • Makes sure URLs in messages don't go to harmful destinations.
  • Checks for malicious attachments on messages.
  • Quarantines messages that appear to be coming from your domain, but originate from outside your organization.

Your Microsoft 365 inbox filters still function, you can use any email client, and messages sent within your organization behave normally, even when encrypted.

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What are Advanced Email Security's limitations?

All users and domains within your organization must be included in the Advanced Email Security account.

Other limits to keep in mind:

  • You can send up to 2,500 outgoing messages per day, and no more than 500 messages in 10 minutes.
  • The email size must be less than 100 MB.
  • Attachments must be less than 150 MB (Standard) and 35 MB (Encrypted).
  • You can include up to 1,000 recipients per message.
  • Encrypted messages are stored for 14 days.

If you're sending a large number of marketing emails, you might want to consider GoDaddy Email Marketing, which would remove those emails from counting towards your limit.

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